What's for Dinnah?

I couldn't think of anything I wanted for dinner tonight. After browsing around the grocery store for awhile, I decided. Fish sticks!

I can't even remember the last time I had them and I never even really liked them. I found tater tots too. Except they call them croquettes de rösti here.

Doused it all in ketchup. Disgusting but good.

It's light out until after 9 now.

Only a week and a half until I see my parents and we start our Provence and Paris adventure. Oui Oui!

Posted from Basel


aimee said...

i'm chuckling. i, too, was craving fish sticks which i never cared for as a child. they were as fishy and greasy as i remembered. the ore ida crinkle cut fries i picked up were also as greasy as i remembered but also as delicious.

Gardner said...

nice call. What do we call that back in the states - comfort food?