Singapore First Impressions

I arrived in Singapore about 6 hours ago. Flying in I could see the giant puffy tall clouds that only seem to thrive in tropical places. Last time I saw them was when I went to Hawaii. All around the island were hundreds of ships, some queueing up to dock. Approaching the runway, which was surrounded by a golf course, it looked more resort island than city but quickly that impression was dispelled.

I rode to the hotel in a taxi and was impressed with the nice parks and beautiful trees and flowers and the fastidious landscaping. Buildings seem to vary between more antiquated and even a bit shabby to very modern. A lot of building is in progress.

I met up with a couple of colleagues and we headed out to dinner in the Riverfront area. The sidewalks are immaculate, perhaps tidier than the Swiss (!). It's hot and muggy and air conditioning is a welcome relief in all the buildings. I have definitely jumped straight into the heat of summer.

We had dinner at a Thai restaurant then dessert at Haagen Daaz. Singapore is clearly a globalized city, for better or worse - Mcdonalds, Burger King, Ben & Jerry's, Hooters, even an Auntie Anne's pretzels.

I have to admit I know almost nothing about where I am or the history of the city. Asia gets skimpy coverage in the average American education, at least of the past. English is heard and spoken everywhere here. I see as many Western people as Asian people. I LOVE that it is Sunday night and everything is open and ready for business.

Tomorrow is the first day of work here and we have quite a crowd - from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and more. I just hope I manage not to offend anyone too much!

Posted from Singapore


aimee said...

i'm jealous!! keep the posts coming. i look forward to hearing more about your trip.

J said...

Just be your usual charming self and you'll be fine.

I'm interested in knowing what you think of it, as I think it's your first trip to Asia.

Gardner said...

Cool insight into the far east. Auntie Anne's pretzel's - yummie.

ian in hamburg said...

Hi Michelle,
If your trip to Asia this time also takes you to Hong Kong, enjoy the contrast with Singapore. Same bustle, lots more grit! Like aimee, I'm jealous...