Rewind and Re-live

Friday marked the 3rd anniversary of the night M. and I met, a most auspicious occasion. I still like the word auspicious even if I don't always use it correctly. This time I think it is almost correct though.

If I had any inclination to take the last 3 years for granted, I got a little reminder not to do so on Saturday evening. I accindentally deleted my entire digital photograph archive, which concidentally spanned the period M. and I have known each other.

As the shock set in I had flashes of memories captured as the exact images of all those lost photographs. This is the second time I had lost treasured photographs but the first time to lose so many. Before it was all the pictures from the trip to Munich and Barcelona where I decided to go for it and move to Europe.

M. came to my rescue and downloaded and tested about 4 or 5 file recovery programs from the internet. After deciding that the freeware wasn't going to do the trick, he purchased one and was able to restore all my files. The only catch was that the directory structure was lost so I had about 6000 pictures dumped into one folder to sort through.

The last few hours I have relived the last 3 years. I know it is not such a long time but these have been a life altering 3 years for me. It is amazing how the pictures can bring back the sounds, the smells, the emotions and even the feel of the weather.

For M., just in case I do it again:

Posted from Munich


Expat Traveler said...

Oh those are some great moments. We just celebrated 3 years as well and I guess you might say the same for myself...

But I've made the move in the opposite direction!

J said...

bugger. blogger just ate my comment. No time to repost - I have to get to work.

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Expat Traveler said...

eh eh eh, no Dresden post ? ;(

I want to hear all about it...

Christina's was great!