Gran Canaria & Dresden

It has been a whirlwind vacation with the expat meetup in Dresden last weekend (much fun but our stay was too short - I didn't even get to talk to everyone!), and a week in Gran Canaria (somewhat a disaster but someday we will laugh). I will explain more later!

For now, a picture is worth a thousand words, and here are a few!

Posted from Munich


J said...

I hate it when vacations are stressful. Tell M I hope his legs heals soon.

Expat Traveler said...

Oh no! M broke his leg! Ouch... I'm not sure if I want to hear about the story..

But at least you took home some beautiful photos!

And yes 1 plus days of a visit is way too short!

(P is almost finished and ready to hand in his app for the Irish Passport.) Getting a step closer.

tqe / Adam said...

Oh wow... pictures do tell a lot.

Please tell M I hope the cast comes off soon. It was obviously a trip you'll never forget.

Michelle said...

Thanks all for the well wishes. M. went to a proper German doctor today and will get an air cast on Friday to wear for 4 weeks. The doctor thinks he'll be in good shape by Jan.