We are having pre-global warming, traditional October weather here in Basel. The leaves are responding accordingly and it has been a treat to see the leaves slowly changing colors and dropping from the trees. It seems in recent years that either it stays warm forever and the leaves just kind of wither and drop or the weather is so erratic and the leaves just take a beating before they get a chance to glow. I love hearing the leaves crunching under my feet when I walk to work and the woodsy smells all around even in the city.

The shorter days are the real confirmation to me that summer is passing away. In the morning there is a gloomy haze for a few hours until the sun manages to push its way through the clouds. It creates a cozy feel as the wind stirs the leaves and people hustle inside for coffee or sit outside bundled up against the fresh air. For me, every season has a dominant mood and for autumn it is peace and resignation to what lies ahead. My only restlessness is to see the very first snowflake of the year.

One last vestige of summer, the culmination of another baseball season, still lies ahead. The Rockies are ready for the World Series and the Indians are up 3-1 over my Sox. I've been a bad fan this year however when they started the playoffs, I knew we had a good chance. But the Sox are being the Sox and letting it slip away. Tonight's game could be the last for them this year but a little voice is whispering to me, 'don't give up just yet. They can still do it.' All Red Sox fans hear that whisper, despite what comes out of our mouths. It makes the disappointments that much more bitter. Then three years ago, that little whisper was finally right.

My last day of summer will come soon but only when the Red Sox play their final game. Then I will let the summer go for good.

Posted from Basel


Gardner said...

Rooting for the Rockies as we lived in Denver for 5 years.

Expat Traveler said...

The leaves have been incredible for us here this year, now the rain is a different and very sore subject.. Agh! I'm sick of it... I'd rather be in Europe where it rains less!