Not sure if it is the shorter and shorter days, the Monday after a really nice weekend or hormonal imbalances but my temper downright inflammatory today. At least I am old enough to know how to damage control in this situation.

I sent an email to the Munich consulate to ask what the heck happened to my passport replacement that I had sent on September 8. They confirmed they had never received it. Ater imagining all kinds of scenarios as to what happened to my old passport, which still had a good 7 years left on it and getting aggravated at what extra steps I would need to fix the situation and get my passport back, a little dim light bulb went off in my head. I recalled the US had charged $67 for said passport's processing fee. I fired off another email and voila! Yes, we called you on Sept 19. Your passport is ready but you did not include a 1 euro 45 self addressed envelope for us to return it in. GRRRR!

Then I spent about an hour emailing back and forth trying to figure out why my company can't figure out what I made for the last 7 years in the US without an official documented certified someting or another from the US HR. Also after two weeks of kicking back and forth with HR, I still am not properly accounted for in 'the system'. No email, no access to anything. If one more person comes by my office asking what is my company email address I will scream. Maybe I don't even work for anybody anymore and should go on a long vacation.

Nuisance and annoyances piled up all day. I silently repeated to myself, 'smile at the fool, lay low and don't say something you will regret. In a day or two you will be your sunny self again.'

Here's to a better tomorrow.

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Expat Traveler said...

Michelle - I felt the same way this week! It was horrible.. Here's wishing to an up and up for us both!