Tram 16

A favorite of many in Basel, tram 16 is one that I don't take very often. It requires a transfer to and from work so I find it easier just to walk to the line I need. I still love Bahnhof Eingang Gundeldingen though...

However, as Gretchen from Expatter has pointed out, there are some real freaks that ride the 16. Today, a series of unfortunate events led me to a caffeine free morning. There are two places where I get my daily fix, either the SBB or the stand at Marktplatz. 85% of the time, it is the SBB option but this morning I caught the 16 and opted for the transfer.

This means a Marktplatz cappucino. Two stops after I boarded a man sat down next to me, trapping me against the window. (The Swiss and Germans are very cozy with strangers). Whatever, I'm used to it and just went on staring at the freakishly blond haired guy a few rows up (think Davinci code albino dude). He was staring at the lady with the ruby red hair, she was staring at the lady talking to her baby, and so on.

A few minutes later, I look to my left and the guy is holding the newspaper in front of his face, and digging as far up his nose as his finger will fit. ACK!

My first thoughts:
1. I don't care what the next stop is, I'm outta here.
2. I don't want to touch the button to open the tram door if this is what is going on in the tram.
3. Did he really think no one would notice if he held his paper in front of his face??

So I dashed out, and it happened to be Barfusserplatz. Too late I realized, no coffee here!

I didn't really have an appetite after my encounter with the boogeyman anyway.

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Jul said...

That's nothing. My boss (whose desk was right across from mine) used to pick his nose all day long every day, and not even bother to try to hide it. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW. Traumatic, I tell you.

Un-Swiss Miss said...

Why is the #16 so popular?

Michelle said...

USM - the tram is not so much popular as entertaining or freakish. I can tell you many an incident from my journeys on the 16.

Jul - that is just wrong!