That's Love

Poor M. He spent another day digging up our flower beds but, for now, it is done. The things he does for me. That's love - toiling away in the garden until you are ready to vomit so your girlfriend can plant little flowers.

I think in the fall we will put in one more small area on the right to balance out the yard but we'll have our hands full for now. Our neighbors P. and T. gave us a bush that needed more sun than they get in their yard. We had a nice pasta lunch with them and a pannetone from P.'s trip to Rome last week. All our neighbors are loving our yard now. I'm sad to leave it tomorrow night when I go back to Basel.

Next week M. leaves for Chicago and tomorrow we start a stretch of about a month where we only get about a day and a half together. It's his first trip to the US without me since we met. As usual, I'm having a hard time thinking of what I want from the US, but maybe a new Yankee candle and a box of Shake and Bake would be good. Yes, an odd craving surfaced in the last couple of weeks and I'm afraid it must be satisfied.

We see each other in two weeks when he lands on Saturday from Chicago and then the weekend after he goes to Provence while I am working away all weekend on our next software release. We have more to look forward to though. We will spend a weekend in Hamburg, where he works, in May. Then in June we are planning a mystery trip. It's not a mystery because it is a surprise, we just haven't decided yet where we are going and on which weekend. The top two choices are a long weekend in Istanbul or Paris. And in between, long spring days in our new garden.

Posted from Munich


Haddock said...

The garden is looking good. You can send M round to my garden now, as i need some flower beds digging out as well! :)

lobstah said...

I like how your garden is turning out!
Although I must say, Shake and Bake??? ;)

Un-Swiss Miss said...

The garden looks lovely. Sigh. I wish we had one, but I'd probably just end up killing everything, anyway. And Swissy Pie certainly will NOT dig flower beds for me.

You know, I've never had Shake 'n' Bake. Possibly a good thing, as it's one less thing to crave. But I've just discovered the international corner of the Rewe in Weil! They have quite a few American products, which seems to cover everything I'm missing. Including Arm and Hammer baking soda!

Michelle said...

Heehee.. M. is not happy about the further request of his gardening services. :)

Schokolade Madchen said...

Shake & Bake! Wow - that's a blast from the past. G is heading to NYC next week and I am making my wish list too....twizzlers are number one!

christina said...

You place is looking very spring-like. Our garden exploded (with colour, that is) while were on holiday and I spent Sunday pulling weeds and trying to get things organized.

If you train them when they're young, as well as digging flower beds they will even build rock walls and pathways!