Hochfuegen 28.01.07


Great snow and an all around fun day at Hochfuegen. We had an adventure when we unwittingly crossed to the complete other end of the resort and then a major windstorm started up, closing out our route back. We had to take an off trail alternative to get back. It wasn't so bad but I hated every minute of it, with the wind and snow whipping around. You can see the beginnings of the windstorm picking up on the top of the peaks in the pictures. It looks like clouds but it definitely wasn't.

The car handled very well although the roads were in pretty good shape. M. had to turn of the stabilizer to get any kind of slipping and sliding and we never made a good donut. I did have to sit with the skis in my lap both ways though, not so comfy.

Posted from Munich


Belinda said...

oh my goodness I'm sooooo jealous!! it's so beautiful you lucky thang hehe :)

Enjoy winter :D I love the photos. It allows me to at least live vicariously through you lol

Jessica Brogan said...

i am not jealous...i hate winter! yet, you make it look so pretty. i'm not fooled though...just wait til it gets all sloshy, gritty and yellow. damn snow. :)

Michelle said...

thanks! it is so easy to take good shots when nature sets it all up for you!

heehee.. it is so gorgeous but I guess I love it. I'm a December baby and this weather always meant my favorite time of year. In basel it is already melted and in munich almost all gone too. So you may be safe.

Expat Traveler said...

oh man that looks incredible!!! Mind you that if I got my rear end up the mountains just 10 mins from here, I'm sure I'd say some of the same..

Hoping for next year!