More Snow

It just keeps coming.. I love it! This is our backyard in Munich as of yesterday.

Unfortunately, this is our rental car this weekend.

This week I started traveling home on Thursday nights again. After a year of Monday through Friday travel, an unexpected ally changed everything. Easyjet has started flying the Munich to Basel route but the flight times are not normal business travel hours. My project decided they wanted all of us flying from Munich to take Easyjet. I said fine, but I'm not willing to travel home so late on Friday but Thursday would work. They went for it.

It was a bit of a rough start as the flight was over two hours late on Thursday so I didn't get home until almost 11. Easyjet is about as tacky of a flight experience as you can have. I miss the Star Alliance lounge and free weekly reading material but it is nice to only spend three nights out of town.

All Friday morning I had various technical problems. M. increased the security on our wireless network a couple of weeks ago and after two hours of struggling I got M. on the phone and he realized what had happened. Then somehow my SecureID got disabled so another hour went by until I had that sorted out. After things finally settled down, I got a few hours of work in, bought some groceries, and then came a phone call from M.

Guess what car I got this week?

I guessed the 6 series Beamer but was wrong. Once again, my practical boyfriend threw caution to the wind for the sake of a car. Nevermind the skiing we wanted to do or the snow that was falling heavily at the airport. Here was his chance to have the Z4! The Z4!

I'll admit that its a very cute and cool car but so impractical. If we want to ski we'll have to hand hold the skis on the roof. But, darling, it is so fast and so secure. And I love it! Grr.

With all this snow, I have been on a cooking kick. I made french onion soup and a quiche Lorraine for dinner last night. Today I made a banana loaf (or banana bread as it is called in America), one of M.'s favorites. And then we wonder why we have gained all this weight!

Posted from Munich


Ola said...

Snow pictures! Very nice. Was it a bit hard to drive this low-to-the-ground bmw on snowy roads? My car is pretty low too and it isn't always fun to drive when there's lot of now on the road.

lobstah said...

Ooh la la, nice car!
M. is too funny!

kj said...

Ok so how were the slopes? How were the skis?