What Yarn Are You?

I have to admit I've never made more than a quarter of a scarf in my attempts to knit. A nice cherry red quarter scarf. Or maybe it could be a potholder. Anyway, in honor of my sis, an excellent knitter, I thought this quiz was amusing.

What kind of yarn are you?

You are Shetland Wool. You are a traditional sort who can sometimes be a little on the harsh side. Though you look delicate you are tough as nails and prone to intricacies. Despite your acerbic ways you are widely respected and even revered.
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Belinda said...

I'm apparently mohair. It is coincidentally one of my favourite yarns to work with.

You should finish the scarf and post a photo :D

lobstah said...

I'm Shetland Wool too. Greg and I are going to make a quiz called "What 90210 Character are you?"

Expat Traveler said...

oh how much fun! I'm Shetland wool also. Although, some of those answers I'd choose none of the above...


The Big Finn said...

I'm merino wool

...whatever that is.

Christina said...

I'm merino wool too, which incidently is one of my favorite materials.