Another Christmas Over

A stab in my left thigh. A tear in my right. An ache across my ribs. Creaking and cracking of bones. A touch of tenderness in my calves and the tendons behind my knees. Can you get a cramp in your appendix? Something down there was hurting.

I started running again yesterday and made it for a second trip today. It appears I am fantastically out of shape. It's not any surprise but now that I can barely pull myself off the couch, I wonder again. How did I let it get this bad? It won't be the last time I'm sure.

Christmas is over and was relaxing and uneventful. Somehow M. and I destroyed dinner last night. I overcooked the roast, he made the mashed potatoes into more of a potato milkshake and the green bean casserole suffered from a strong overdose of saltiness. All we could do was giggle at what we had done. Normally cooking is one of our strong points.

I'm hoping that all the signs pointing to a brewing cold are wrong but I seem to be coming down with something. We had planned to do another house project or two this week in our rare time off so I hope I'm not stuck laying around. Next project on the slate is the kitchen. We need some more counter space and storage space so we can continue our cooking adventures. I'm about to order an Indian cookbook to see how I do recreating some of the dishes I loved in India.

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