Rome: Days 3 and 4

We continued to explore Rome for the last two days of our trip. In other words there was more eating, drinking, site-seeing, window shopping, capuccino, gelati, eating and drinking, site-seeing. It already feels like ages ago after just four days back in Basel. The weather has turned cold and raw here compared to the warmth and sun of Rome. The Christmas Markt is up and running and the buildings are lit up without a thought of energy conservation, rare around here. Basel looks like the original model for the model train set. Switzerland and Germany get top honors for the show they put on for Christmas. I guess without Halloween and Thanksgiving to distract them, they can focus completely on Christmas, and it shows!

I received an invite today to attend a friend's wedding in India this month, on their most auspicious day. The couple is just too adorable and if I had known sooner I would have tried to make it work. I would LOVE to go but we aren't getting much time off for the holidays. It would be the perfect opportunity to wear my new sari and to go back to India, which I am hoping to do sometime again. The picture is the cover of their invite.

So, here are a few final shots of Rome, and then I will stop boring you all with it. But honestly, I hope I never lose my fascination with seeing the world. How sad it would be to greet each new city, beach, mountain, dessert and people with only a sense of ennui.

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lobstah said...

I bet that wedding would be so neat, bummer you can't go :(