Rome: Day 2

We met with the concierge on Saturday morning after missing the first of all the breakfasts at our Bed and Breakfast. She outlined a walking tour to include some of the famous sites, some shopping and some eating. After a considerable hike around the city, we turned a corner and found ourselves face to face with the Pantheon. We sat at a sidewalk cafe and I indulged in one of my favorite pastimes, people watching. I took it one step further and made a bunch of 'undercover' shots of the people I found interesting. This embarrassed M. but it got worse. After about an hour of zooming and focusing, camera on, camera off, I realized my battery was about to die. We still had two full days of Rome left and I killed the battery wtih all my screwing around, 'taking pictures of anything that moved.' However, I love this series of shots. I could compose a short story about each, imagining what happened before and after this brief moment in front of the Pantheon. And luckily, with some care, we nursed the battery through the rest of the weekend and got all the shots we wanted.

Posted From Basel


kj said...

and i thought i was the only one in the world to people watch on a regular basis....its actually in my planner as a timed event...except usually i prefer the spontaneous people watching moments

must be a weird red sox fan thing

Anonymous said...

These are lovely pictures. I love airports for people watching. These photos make me jealous. I miss Rome, and even in Switzerland, it feels so far away. Such a different world at least.

I'm coming to munich for the weekend and I've never been. do you have any not so touristy, MUSTS to recommend??