India Bound

I barely settled back into European time from vacation and now it looks like I'll be off again. My application was sent in tonight for an Indian visa and I'll be leaving either next week or next weekend for Mumbai.

Somehow I got elected to go fix a little problem we are having down there for a couple of weeks, while trying to manage a couple of problems we are having in Europe from there. This job trips me out sometimes.

Now what I really want to know is how to not get sick down there. I know a lot of people who have gone and they said it's hopeless. Dehli belly! But I hear the shopping is unbelievable.

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lobstah said...

How exciting!
This Sunday is the Sox game that you gave us tickets for and it looks like it's going to rain. Boo hoo!

Michelle said...

Ooh I hope the weather changes it's mind! We had a very exciting game against Cleveland... seems like everytime M. is there we get an exciting last minute win. And to top it off he even had bet on the game that the Sox would win. Apparently he doesn't have S. family luck. Tee hee.

The Big Finn said...

I would check with your travel department, or a doctor, to see if any vaccinations are recommended before traveling to India. Our doctor told Mrs. TBF during her last check-up that she should contact him before any trip to India or Africa so that he could give her certain vaccinations that are not necessary for people in Europe or N. America.

Expat Traveler said...

Try to insist on drinking bottled water that you know the brand. I've been told it's the parasites from the different areas of the world that can make you feel sick since they are different than switzerland. Also just be careful what you eat especially veggies...

It sounds like an exciting trip in ways to see the world! I'd have my camera out but maybe not with all these crazy restrictions (or is it only UK to US)