Don't ask me exactly what they are but they are heavenly. I met my first Stroopwafel back in the winter after Mr. SS brought a few packages back from Holland and whenever I can I try to get some. They are two thin and soft waffel cookies stuck together with this sweet sticky goo. Tonight we stopped in Eindhoven on our way from the North of Holland down to Maalstricht. Mr. SS's son is going to University here and so we made a pit stop to have dinner with him and he called ahead and had him buy 8 packages of Stroopwafels. I snuck one before dinner but got caught with crumbs all over me. MMMM!

A few more impressions of my trip and the Netherlands:
- The language does not sound like Donald Duck after all but I cannot make any correlation between what people are saying and how it is spelled. This caused serious laughter today as I tried to document people's names and they saw how far off I was when I tried to spell it phonetically. I could, however, start to understand a little of what people were saying when I caught words that were similar to German.
- There are strong dialects here for such a small country. In Heerenveen they were speaking Frisian some of the time. Some of these words were quite similar to English, whereas the Dutch words seemed closer to German. Another dialect is spoken in Maastricht, where we will be tomorrow.
- Political correctness is not a concern to the average Dutch person. Let's just say, anything goes, even in the workplace.
- There are some really tall people in this country.
- I had no idea how much livestock they have in this country. I saw so many cows, horses, ponies, sheep and goats today.

Posted from Eindhoven, NL


Expat Traveler said...

incredible pic and I love those waffles too.

Ola said...

Cool photos on your site, very nice. Must be fun to be all over Europe like that, enjoying the sights! :-)

Kirk said...

I agree about the tall people--the first time I went to the bathroom at a restaurant in Amsterdam I actually had to stand on my tiptoes to use the urinal. But that's probably too much information...

And I actually find that Dutch sounds a bit like Swiss German. Not as sing-songy, but even more guttural.