Ludwig Beck

When I got back to Munich last night I was very excited to find some mail addressed to me waiting at home! It was from my dear friends at Ludwig Beck with a very nice brochure of the Akris fall collection. You all my recall my shopping difficulties but Ludwig Beck was the place where I first found clothes I could actually buy. Now I know lots of places and it's gotten all too easy to spend money on clothes but that's another story.

Anyway, the first thing that went through my head when I got this "mail" is "Wow, I must be spending too much. Now I'm getting invites to come shopping." My second thought was "I don't remember giving them my address. I wonder how they found me." The thought was quickly dismissed and we started making dinner.

After dinner, we had some of the guys from our building over. Since I so rarely get mail and the brochure was sitting on the table I made a comment about it. At that point, both of the guys said, "Hey, we got that brochure today too!". We were all marveling over why we got this women's ads, especially as they were addressed to Frau and Frau Guy 2.

The culprit was sitting on the couch giggling (that would be M.). Apparently he had gotten bored when I was trying on clothes/yelling at him about the stupid clothes in Germany and had filled out a stack of mailing list forms.

Wise Guy.

At least I'm really a Frau and like the brochures. I can't say the same for Frau Lennie and Frau Andrea(s).

Posted from Munich

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