It has been a busy few days but here are a few of the highlights:

  • Vacation is all booked now. For those who were curious, we are going first to visit my family in CT for a long weekend. They haven't seen M. since the time they met him over a year ago, so I'm looking forward to all of us being together. I know Mom is looking forward to some of M.'s cooking and M. is looking forward to seeing his good friend, fat cat Randy. Let's just hope with all the "great deals" in America M. doesn't have us going bankrupt. After 5 days in CT, we head to Boston for a day and will definitely be taking in a game at Fenway (Sox vs. Indians). We head from Boston down to Mexico for a week, into the heart of hurricane country, to revisit our first vacation together in Cozumel and Tulum. I know we are both looking forward to margaritas, snorkeling, shrimp tacos and completely checking out for a week. Here is a glimpse from our first trip.

  • 4th of July is approaching and I traded having tomorrow off for today so I could have a long weekend. M. took it off as well and we are loving having the extra day off instead of heading out of town and back to work in Basel and Hamburg. I wanted to have a 4th of July BBQ this weekend but somehow I couldn't quite picture a bunch of Germans hanging out for a patriotic display celebrating the birth of America when after three weeks they all can't get over the fact that there have been German flags hanging outside to support World Cup. So, I settled for making a nice peach pie, which was an adventure since I couldn't figure out what corn starch might be called in German, not to mention how long it took me and M. to find a pie plate to cook it in. However, it came out awesome and everyone is already asking if I can make another one soon. The heart is M.'s contribution to the effort.

  • Finally, yesterday I had another opportunity to go off exploring the Bavarian countryside. M. decided to go on a cycling tour and as I can't imagine it being fun to climb the mountains on a bike I decided to go on a tour of my own. We have a cute 3 series BMW convertible this weekend so I decided to head down to Chiemsee and check out one of Ludwiggy's castles and the scenery. It was beautiful! It took a little over an hour to get there and I headed to the ferry to go to Herreninsel (where the castle imitating Versailles is) and then to Fraueninsel. The lake was covered in sailboats and looked turquoise. The surrounding mountains looked surreal, like someone photoedited them in to make them that gorgreous. Fraueninsel was my favorite part. Roses and delphinium were blooming everywhere, among other flowers. It felt and looked like coastal New England on the island. After I left, I headed home on a more scenic route through the mountains, taking in the stunning rolling countryside and the onion shaped domes dotting the countryside. I couldn't help but feel that I might live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

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Expat Traveler said...

I certainly agree with you about one of the most beautiful places of the world. But then again, I think it's just our fascination with how things look... :)

We go on vacation in a week, can't wait!