Photojournalism: Finland

I am sitting in my hotel and it is 5 minutes before midnight. Do you know what that means in Finland on July 13? It means it is still light out. So weird but kind of cool too.

Here are some shots of Turku, Finland.

Swing and Dixie Music Live

Flowers in the Night

Sand Sculpture along the River in Turku

Typical Looking Building in Turku

Happy Hour Along the River on A Party Boat

Absinthe, Tee Hee

Check out this Language! This is a sign without the funky letters too

11 PM on our walk home after a Fantastic Dinner

The Stroke of Midnight view from My Hotel Room

I think Finland is really cool and would definitely love to spend a vacation here sometime. The people are nice, we had a gourmet dinner and the setting is gorgeous. I bet it is even better if you head into the more natural areas. Bonus points for broadcasting all tv in it's original language with subtitles. The Netherlands does this too and it rocks!

Time for bed, night all!!

Posted from Turku, Finland


The Big Finn said...

The pink sign says "Let's hug when we meet". I'm glad you enjoyed Finland. I hope you bought some Finnish mustard (called Turun Sinappia) when you were there - it's made in Turku.

m said...

go to a store and find the bag of chips that says "mega pussi"!

they told me it meant, 'big bag'.

Expat Traveler said...

That is a way cool post and aren't you quite the business traveler. It must have been so awesome to see the light so late. I've only been as far north as NL and it wasn't in July.

christina said...

Wow, great Finland pics! I can recognize Finnish when I see it, but I haven't a clue what it says.