I'm melting.

My contacts are stuck to my eyeballs.

My pants are stuck to my underwear which are stuck to my butt.

My arms are stuck to my desk.

My three fans feel like hair dryers pointed at me.

I'm having hot flashes like a menopausal woman.

Getting closer than 15 feet to anyone is an assault on the nose.

My colleagues are surviving by jumping in the Rhein every night.

I think I will join them.

Posted from HOT Basel


casper's mom said...

it is hot as an oven at home in Connecticut too-last night we had spectacular thunderstorms which made today feel much better- it was only 88 degrees compared to 104 on Monday! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Ola said...

I don't like it when it's HOT like that either. Mild temperatures are just fine with me, thank you. :-) But, we really only have a month or two left of the high temperatures, then it'll be back to the fall/winter kind of cold.

swissmiss said...

Here in Bern we're all jumping in the Aare. People seem to be leaving the office in the middle of the day for a little refresher splash. Either that or they're all on vacaation.

Expat Traveler said...

I'm so glad we picked the best week in the world to visit the desert (osoyoos). So now we have a heat wave here but I assure you that it's nothing like what you are going through. We even have a 1 room airconditioned area (the bedroom)...

Hope you survive. It's about 30ish here. Towards the valley though it's like 36C or more.

But jumping into the Rhein sounds fantastic.