Photojournalism: Freiburg, Strassbourg and The Lazy River

As busy as it has been with work lately, last weekend M. and I decided to spend the weekend in Basel and the surrounds. On Saturday we did a couple of forays into Germany and Switzerland.

First, we went to Freiburg in the morning to the Freiburg market. The market stretched around a huge cathedral and we stuffed ourselves with sausages, sampled native honey and bought entirely too much food because, honestly, it was just too irresistable. The vegetables and fruits here aren't grown to look perfect but to have incredible scents and tastes.

This honey was as good as it looks. Like olive oil, it surprised me how many variations in flavor there can be.

Europeans know how to make some beautiful bouquets and they are so cheap!! I couldn't resist bringing home a bunch of tulips to brighten my apartment.

Right in the middle of the market is this spectacular cathedral. I think I may have been the only person there who really noticed it. That's the funny thing about Europe. They have so much of these old buildings, art and infrastructure that they take it for granted.

My tulips

After our morning at Freiburg, we headed over to France to go to Strassbourg, home of the European parliament. Also a very cute city to stroll around on an early spring day.

Cathedral in Strassbourg. The inside was so dark and cold and mysterious. These cathedrals seem to be built to make you feel small and fearful but at the same time are somehow beautiful.

Typical building in Strassbourg

Sweet shop in Strassbourg

And finally on Sunday we spent the whole day by the river, chilling in the sun and watching the wind blow by...

Posted from Munich


verniciousknids said...

Thanks for the virtual trip :)

I bought some tulips this weekend too...bright yellow ones - very cheery!

Kirk said...

The Saturday market in Freiburg is one of our favorite things here--SO much better than Basel's feeble market, and much more local than touristy. Every time we go (usually when visitors are in town) we wonder why we don't go more often. I can't believe we still haven't made it to Strasbourg in the two years we've been here. (We highly recommend Colmar, though.)

Expat Traveler said...

I'm glad you got to see the area. I'd so agree with the flower arrangments and tulips. I love all that stuff in Europe also.