Swiss Army

Hee hee. Somehow this is just struck me as funny tonight while I am sitting here stuck in the airport waiting for a decision on the weather in Munich.
The Swiss have an interesting army. Five hundred years without a war. Pretty impressive. Also pretty lucky for them. Ever see that little Swiss Army knife they have to fight with? Not much of a weapon there. Corkscrews. Bottle openers. 'Come on, buddy, let's go. You get past me, the guy in back of me, he's got a spoon. Back off. I've got the toe clippers right here.
- Jerry Seinfeld
On another note, I met two of my fellow bloggers this week for drinks at a bar in Basel. It was a very fun and funny night. One was an American who had been in Europe for many years so it was interesting to compare notes with her. It was also strange that I had some kind of unusual things in common with both of them. Hopefully we will get together again soon and maybe with M. next time.

Just to be a little more random in my thoughts this evening, I received an email from my sis who is coming to visit me in Munich and Basel in a couple months with her boyfriend. They will also visit his sister who lives in Milan. The subject was 'Wardrobe Crisis'. She wanted to know what to wear in Europe. I gave her two pieces of advice. You don't want to shop here. You will stick out no matter what you wear. There. Now we have that settled.

Posted from Basel


Expat Traveler said...

I'm still so mistified by being able to use the internet at the airport or virtually anywhere.

lobstah said...

You mean my sloppy jeans and sweatshirts aren't going to fit in?

Quel horreur!

Haddock said...

I love the Seinfeld Joke! :)

J said...

I try to avoid shopping here (other than socks and underwear) because it's so expensive. I stock up on clothes on my rare visits to the US.

kj said...

so who are you rooting for in the olympics?