5 Random and Weird Things about Me

Well, it looks like I've been infected (thanks, Jen!).

The rules: Post 5 random and weird facts about yourself, then at the end, list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect. Also, leave a post to these people letting them know they have been infected.

So without further ado... 5 random and weird things about me:

1. When I was little, I thought it was perfectly fine, and even a good idea (just-in-case) to store half-eaten food around the house to eat later. And, yes, I did go back and eat it later. My parents loved finding three day old, half eaten apples tucked in behind books on the bookshelf.

2. As each year goes by and I am now in my 30s, it is becoming clear that I am never going to outgrow my love of slapstick and potty humor.

3. I am a fan of the 'perfect bite'. It may look to others like I am playing with my food but I'm really arranging my sandwich, pizza, or whatever it is so that each bite has the exact right quantity of each ingredient. I mean who wants to get to the end of the sandwich and all that is left is a piece of turkey and an onion?

4. The most constructive feedback I have ever been given was on my 2nd grade report card. It simply stated, "Michelle would get a lot more done if she would stop talking and acting silly all day." I'm still not getting much done but it was a good point. (Hope ASG companies don't ask for report cards going that far back.) ;-)

5. Even though I have a good career in technology, my real dream is to open a horse stable where I can ride and train horses, teach and compete, and enjoy living and working in the same town every day.

In other news, this is 'clothes' weekend. I have already sorted and labeled all my household belongings with their fate - ship, store, give away, sell. This weekend the focus is on clothes and shoes and you would think this would be a smaller task than the last one but you haven't seen my closets - yes- closets. Time for a major overhaul, I think.

I dread doing this kind of thing. Somehow I always end up with the wrong things in boxes vs. on the plane with me and I also always end up at the airport sweating bullets as I'm wearing three too many layers of clothes and lugging 300 too many pounds of suitcases. To further complicate matters, I'm moving from two locations to two locations and have to do an upgrade on my work wardrobe from business casual to business formal. My head is starting to spin. I wonder if anyone has ever tried just showing up with their passport and a credit card?

The rest of the weekend I'll be getting ready for Christmas. I'm taking my parents to the Nutcracker on Saturday night at Mohegan Sun. This is a tradition that I have followed for the majority of the last 20 years. There is still nothing like the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy to get me in the mood for Christmas.

Besides that, I am still writing Christmas cards and they desperately need to go out this weekend. I also have to start stocking up for ChristmasCookiePalooza. This is my annual two-day cooking baking marathon, started in 1995 with one of my best friends from college in our senior year and still living strong. I am certain that I have proven that you absolutely can eat as many raw eggs in cookie dough as you want without getting salmonella poisoning.

There are a core group of cookies that the family and friends expect and then I usually try one or two new ones every year for some variety. Here's how the list is shaping up so far this year.

ChristmasCookiePalooza 2005

  • Peanut Butter/Hershey Kiss cookies
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Coconut Macaroons
  • Michigan Rocks (if Mom or Sis don't make them)
  • Pizzelles
  • M&M cookies
  • Spritz
  • Cream Cheese Wreaths
  • Gingersnaps

Posted from East Hampton, CT


christina said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, Michelle! G

Great cookie list. :-)

Berlinbound said...

Good luck as you prepare for your move to Germany ... I wish I had known about the prices and scarcity of healthcare products here - I would have packed another suitcase full of dental floss, listerine, allergy medicine, Burt's beeswax products and Cheerios - that's not a healthcare product per se but it would make life in this household a lot healthier!

James said...

I know what you're going through. It is such a pain trying to decide what to pack for your flight vs. what to ship. Oh well, my belongings she be out to sea now and it is too late. I like the idea of just showing up with a credit card and your passport!