The Great Cornholio

I have a recurring vision of the Saffa coming home from work one evening to find me running around the house Beavis style, in a sugar induced frenzy, shouting 'I am the Great Cornholio, I need teepee for my...' well, you know the rest. Or maybe he'll find a more Dewey-from-Malcolm-in-the-Middle sugar reaction. 'You gave Dewey sugar, didn't you?' as Dewey looks on crazy-eyed and salivating. Or sitting on the floor in the corner of the kitchen like some horror movie version of myself lost in a bowl of cookie dough and wild streaks of brownie batter like blood in my hair, smeared on the walls and down the front of my shirt. Because I am dying for some sugar and carbohydrates. And I am afraid I am going to go on a binge after so many weeks of playing by the rules. I can think of nothing better than a pile of brownies, cupcakes and let's throw in a naan bread and a banana split for good measure.

Controlling gestational diabetes through diet has worked extremely well for the last weeks. I have had will power like I have never had before and been staying with the diet with the exception of sharing half a piece of apple cobbler with the Saffa after dinner one night. Blood readings are well under range with the exception of when I have natural yogurt. This seems to set it a bit on the high side for whatever reason.

Mmmm, apple cobbler. I can still taste it, it was the highlight of the last month and a half. The Saffa is lucky he didn't get injured trying to eat his share of that piece of cake as I had subliminal urges to stab him with my fork every time he went for a bite. He didn't know how much he was tempting fate.

It's not that the basic diabetes diet varies so much from my normal diet. I tend to have a varied diet but I did have to reduce my carbs from some to almost none and cold turkey on the sweet treats. I'm happy I am doing everything I can for a healthy baby but without any fixes and being pregnant on top, the cravings are building and building and the last week or two I am becoming irritable. I want something sweet or at least starchy. A piece of forbidden pizza. A milkshake. A Snickers bar. Even some french fries with ketchup. Oh yum.

If you see a streak with a big belly whizzing by and your ice cream cone goes missing from your hand, I'm sorry. I really am. I just couldn't control it any longer.

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Expat Traveler said...

If you can find some tapioca flour, possibly you can make a crepe with probably nothing inside it.. But you could do 1 cup almond milk, 2 cups crepe flour and 2 eggs together. Add oil and mix. That's a good treat with compromise seeing that it does not have gluten in it..Quite possibly you could add veggies etc inside...

Just remind yourself you are doing this for another life. Keep on it! I couldn't eat a lot of foods because I couldn't hold anything down.. And it isn't for that much longer.

Another site that could be good is Vega and their recipes. I think if you search hard enough they have a good preggo area. http://myvega.com/

tqe | Adam said...

To quote Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain."

I wish I could offer something helpful (like the Expat Traveler's crepe idea), but I am, instead, building a defensive wall around my flour and sugar collection

Michelle said...

Thanks ET and Adam, that may be the best idea as I am sure if I cave it will be an epic cave.