Nymphenburger Kanal

In fear of becoming permanently attached to the couch, I decided to go for a walk this afternoon around my neighborhood. With a high of 1 degree Celsius, I bundled up nice and warm and headed out with my trusty camera. Once I was out and moving around, it wasn't too bad. The sun was shining and pretty much all of Munich seemed to have the same idea.

I walked over to Nymphenburger Kanal to see if it was frozen over and sure enough it was. Tons of people were out on the ice playing 'Eisstockschießen' (a game similar to curling) and ice hockey or just trying to ice skate and pulling the kids around on their sleds. A hut is set up on the side of the canal selling snacks and hot drinks in case you just want to be a spectator and have a little something to warm up.

It never gets old to see how Germans take advantage of the shops being closed and, for most, being off on work on Sundays to get outside with friends and family and enjoy the outdoors at any time of year.

Posted from Munich


Expat Traveler said...

How lovely... My idea of a great day, sunshine no matter if it is cold or warmer out!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love this photo - it looks like a postcard from the 1930's - so artistic. mom