Apartment Anniversary

I'm not sure if I am the only one but it seems like 2010 is passing in a whirlwind. Summer is gone and we seem to have jumped almost directly into late autumn/early winter in Munich at least weather-wise.

I have now been in my 'new' apartment for one year. While it is far from a finished project, the progress on furnishing and decorating has been slow and steady. It was quite a different experience for my houseful of Oktoberfest guests a few weeks ago than for my sister and her man who came in mid-December last year and had to build their own bed while I was still sleeping on the floor.

Over the last 12 months, I have bought 2 beds, 2 nightstands, a dining table and 6 chairs, a large L-shaped sofa, a desk and chair, bookshelves, a couple of chairs, a washer and dryer and a TV. I had my first ever Christmas tree with all the trimmings. The wood stove has been well worked out and may get it's first winter 2010/2011 use today. I have printed many of my photos and they are hanging on the walls. The patio is furnished with chairs and tables and a beautiful Weber grill. I even have a few plants throughout the house.

The heart of my home, as you may have guessed from my photos, is the kitchen. Of course, it is easier to fill up a kitchen than a house as the cost is more manageable. But I also just enjoy it more. The majority is from Ikea but I have a few prize possessions, including my little Nespresso Citiz coffee machine and a set of three Wusthof knives that are incredibly sharp.

While I wouldn't call it finished, the urgent projects are over, I am settled and comfortable, can host weekend guests and dinner parties and take my time with any future projects. Not too shabby for a year and starting with next to nothing!

Best of all is that I home nearly every night to enjoy it all.

Posted from Munich


Jul said...

I am infinitely jealous of your wood stove. That sounds perfect on a day like today.

Happy apartmentiversary.

G in Berlin said...

Congratulations- it sounds wonderful.

Expat Traveler said...

Time flies, can't believe it's one year already, which means the same for us as of Nov. 1st.

You have accomplished a lot!!! I wish I could say the same but we need more room to buy anything and everything we need! And now we are moving because we are adding to our family...

So apartment hunting is on our minds again.. Hope the next year gets even better for you!