Rainy Days

I don't remember the last time I saw the sun.

For days it has been pouring down rain. It reminds me a bit of Singapore, except the rain has not been warm. I haven't had too much time to notice since work has gotten extremely busy again but today we started a four day weekend in Munich so I was looking forward to a special bike ride that was planned with the cycling gang. In the end, we all wimped out yesterday due to the weather.

Although I really wanted to go, I am kind of glad to have had a quiet day at home. I worked late last night, got to bed around midnight and had a nice long sleep until about 10.30. When I finally got up, I had a little breakfast, tidied up the kitchen then sprawled on the sofa (my new sofa!!) and watched Godfather III with Mr. Kilt.

Sometimes you just need a chilled out holiday and it's nice not to feel guilty doing it because the weather is so nice outside.

The weather is supposed to make a sharp turn from what it has been this weekend and not a moment too soon. It will warm up to the mid-20s by Saturday and the sun should finally make an appearance. Just in time for a big BBQ party Mr. Kilt and I are hosting. We invited 20 people, thinking that with the holiday only a handful would be around. As luck would have it, 18 of them said yes! This triggered some pretty serious list-making activity over the last two weeks and tomorrow the preparation starts. It's a lot of effort but I love it.

For those who haven't heard yet, the Whiney Expats Blogger Meet Up date has been settled. It will be September 12-14 in Hamburg. I am disappointed since I cannot attend but would still encourage any of you other bloggers in Germany to try to make it.

Finally, on a sadder note, I have been watching the depressing situation in the Gulf of Mexico. It's heartbreaking to see what is happening to the wildlife. Of course there is the usual blame game going on but I can't help but feel we are all in part guilty for this. Even though it is much easier to be green in Europe, I still fly, I still drive a car from time to time, and we are all directly and indirectly highly dependent on oil in all aspects of our life. Maybe it's time to go Amish.

Posted from Munich

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Expat Traveler said...

Oh yes, the rain, that is all we are talking about here as well. The temps are much lower than normal also..

And the gulf, yes it is a very sad thing. I was astonished to know those were animals under all that disgusting goo.