Hamburg 2010

It's that time of year again!

Time for the Whiney Expat Blogger Meetup (WEBMU) voting and planning. I am posting this a bit late and the location has already been decided.

This year's (un)fortunate city...Hamburg!

I was in Hamburg in the late fall last year and really enjoyed the city so am all aboard with this decision. If I am calculating correctly there is less than a week left to choose the weekend, so if you are thinking about joining and have not already done so, go ahead and vote.

The options are August 27-29, September 10-12 and October 22-24. September 10-12 is winning by a slim margin but I am secretly hoping that the October date comes through as it is the only weekend I can make it this year.

Regardless, I would encourage any of you bloggers out there in Germany who have never been to give it a go! It is always a fun time.

The link to the site for information and voting is available here.

Posted from Munich

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Expats Again said...

That's a 6 hour train ride from Munich, or an hour or so flight. I'm thinking I would like to join the group. I have no preference for weekend. I'll keep watching your posts.