Isar BBQ

Those who live in Munich will know that on a sunny summer day the banks of the Isar are packed with people enjoying the nice weather. What may be surprising for those new to town are the grilling habits in Munich. Along the banks of the Isar and throughout the public parks in town, a nice day invites a smokey haze as hundreds turn out to BBQ.

Most Müncheners do not have their own backyard. We live in cozy quarters and even a small balcony is at a premium in this city. So what to do when you and 10 or more of your closest friends want to do a cookout?

You head to the Isar or to the park, loaded up with grills, charcoals, a smorgasboard of grill-able food and sauces to dip everything in and chow down. For 10-12 hours. The cooking and eating comes in waves as do the friends. The beer is thrown in the river to keep it chilly. If it gets to hot, just take a dip. If it gets too cold, light up a bonfire. It's a fantastic way to spend the day.

Posted from Ashford, Kent


Expats Again said...

What a great way to have a barbeque! This is our first summer in Munich and we've missed out on this. We'll surely have to try it next summer!

aimee said...

looks wonderful. is it really terrible of me to immediately notice a significant size difference between the average BBQ attendant in america and the size of the germans in your pics?

Michelle said...

Hehe, Aimee. No, it's not terrible but probably true. Not sure how we manage to stuff ourselves all day at the BBQ and still not be chubbier though.

Anonymous said...

The people grilling on the Isar are not a representative sample of people barbecuing in Munich. Just like you wouldn't compare the people sunning themselves on the beaches in Southern California to all people at BBQs in America. There are plenty of overweight people in Munich and Germany.