Cuba Libre

It was a hot sultry night but aren't they all in Singapore? Two of my colleagues and I decided to go out for some dinner after our first week working there and some wine led to some higher ambitions so we headed off in search of some fun.

We strolled around Clarkes Quay in the steamy night, just trying to take it all in. Finally we found somewhere to perch outside at a table and ordered a round of Mai Tai's. One colleague was foolishly convinced there was not much alcohol in them and gave in to his thirst, guzzling not one, but two down.

At this point there was no stopping us and we headed off in search of some music. I could hear the music pouring out into the street and knew we would make a stop wherever that salsa music was coming from. It was a bar called Cuba Libre and it was love at first sight.

Antonio, as we came to know him, was singing seductively and we came at the moment when the crowd at the tables started to crowd the dance floor. Whether you could dance or not, you couldn't resist and next thing you knew the set had ended and you were hoping, praying even, it wasn't the last.

I spent many an evening at Cuba Libre in Clarkes Quay Singapore. Antonio always remember me and with a mischievous glint in his eye would dedicate me a song, 'to the most beautiful woman in the world'. I'm sure he said that to all the ladies but I loved it anyway.

On my very last evening in Singapore, I went to pay a final visit and say goodbye, but he had gone on holiday. Just as well. I hate goodbyes.

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