The Lies Men Tell (or Truths They Don't)

A girlfriend called me up a couple of weeks ago and asked her if I wanted to join her for a friend's birthday party. Not having any big plans and feeling in the mood to go out and meet some more people I agreed.

It was the first night I started to feel that Munich is a bit small. One guy insisted that he had met me before but I was sure I didn't know him. He was Egyptian and rather memorable looking. Somehow the topic switched to photography and the coin dropped for him. He recognized me from a friend's facebook photos. Woah.

After some time, my friend and I were introduced to a Greek, with a name that was almost too Greek to be real. It made me giggle. He is the author of a popular diet book and was just in town for the night on his way to Greece from NYC. After a lengthy discussion on omega 3 fats, the three of us decided to head off as the bar was getting stiflingly hot.

He had lived in Munich for a couple of years so we gave him first choice on where to go. Nothing was happening at his choice so I decided, well, he's Greek. Let's go Greek dancing. The first place, where I normally go for Greek dancing adventures, didn't have live music that night so we headed to the fall back option. The place was packed, the music was live and good, and the Greek was astonished we knew of these places he had never found when living in Munich. I left him and A. to dance and sipped my champagne while admiring the scenery.

Around about time to head home, a guy approached me and asked in German if I was friends with A., my friend I was out with. As it turned out B. had just moved to Munich and is A.'s neighbor. He joined our table, we chatted and I found out B. was from NYC and on 6 month assignment in Germany. We all parted ways with the Greek and B. giving me their cards and asking that I get in touch.

The next day on my cycling tour, I heard my name being called and was quite surprised to see B. cycling towards us. Again a small world. You can only imagine the teasing from my cycling group when I explained I had only met this guy the night before. Anyhow, he was off to meet a friend and asked again that I get in touch so we could go out sometime.

The days passed and I never contacted anyone. Just a feeling that I should wait a little while. Also, I had a sneaking suspicion B. was a Yankees fan.

Tonight my friend A. called me with some news. Her neighbor B. is engaged!

Sad to say that is the 3rd time this situation has happened to me in the last 4 months. First, a colleague who turned out to be married (the colleague part made it a no-no before I found out about the married part anyway). Second, Peter the Capricorn, who was supposedly out playing poker with his guy friends (story to girlfriend) as opposed to on a date with me. He ended up confessing and then seemed surprised when I decided to end the date. I did get a nice SMS the next day, 'I really like you.' Duhlete. And now Mr. I am engaged (but I might end it, but she's coming to visit next week and then we will see). Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh!!!!

Posted from Geneva


aimee said...

holy crap! does munich have a disproportionate number of scumbags or what?!?

Anonymous said...

It's sad...my german ex lied to me.
I caught him writing to over 30
different women.

Michelle said...

Hmm, unfortunately I don't think it has anything to do with Munich. What I wonder more is if their gfs/fiancees/wives have a clue or are more of us getting fooled than I would like to think.

My friend A. (the one who called me) has taken to letting their significant others know what their men are up to, which I have mixed feelings about. Anyhow, she also said she asks them point blank in the beginning and as that usually catches them off guard they usually confess. She herself had a run in with an engaged guy who told her to keep it secret that the wedding was off. He wanted it kept secret because everyone else knew the wedding was not off!

expatraveler said...

Sounds like typical California men. How rude! I guess asking point blank is a good thing! I think having fun is most of what you have to make sure you are doing... :) I've heard it's a small town here where I live also.

Anonymous said...

How unfortunate. That said, don't damn all men. Damn the losers. But don't damn them for being a Yankees fan!

- Bayern/YANKEES fan in Minneapolis