Dill Pickles

The other night for dinner I was having a craving for a cucumber, tomato, dill and sour cream salad. I picked up the ingredients at the Viktualienmarkt, including a fresh bundle of dill, and hopped on the U-Bahn to head for home.

The bag was sitting on my lap and the instant the smell of dill hit my nostrils the memory came flooding in. When I was a child living in Philadelphia, I made summer visits to my grandparents in Connecticut. One of the things I always loved were my grandfather's homemade pickles, waiting in a crock in the fridge, soaking in briney water and seasoned with fresh dill from the garden. Sliced into spears and the highlight of any lunch. I could have eaten them all.

I still haven't found pickles anywhere that I like so much. Maybe I need to pick up the tradition myself now.

Posted from Munich


aimee said...

yum! if you do, please share the recipe.

hope your first week on the new gig goes well.

Expat Traveler said...

Yes - that sounds outstanding! :)

G in Berlin said...

That takes me back to my childhood- Eastern European background? I replace it with magerquark here, the only uniquely German foodstuff that I will miss- tastes like sour cream with very few calories.
In fact, I will go cut up a cuke, some radishes and a tomatoe and throw them in with some dill and parsely (the parsley on the deck is huge, my basil is drowning:().