Munich Week 2

I'm 3 days deep in German language immersion class and the 2nd week deep in my return to Munich.

I can't be happier spending this time here.

Eight hours a day of German is definitely intensive. We have covered a lot of new grammar and vocabulary already. The instructors are amazing. We have one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I think it's too intensive to teach all day in this kind of environment. It's also good for us to have two styles and approaches.

There are 5 of us in the class. We had 6 but one switched classes after a few hours since he wasn't quite at the same level as the rest of us. Of the remaining there are two Italian women, one Spanish woman, one Turkish man and myself. The level is perfect for me as we do some review of what I have already learned towards the end of my time with my tutor in Switzerland over a year ago, a good refresher, but most of what we are covering is new.

Even though I can really understand the teachers, the classmates, the reading and the grammar, and have a good vocabulary when concentrating on individual words, I still struggle with speaking in complete thoughts/sentences. Everytime I need to say something I draw a blank. However, when someone else is speaking I know what they should say, what is right and wrong most of the time. It is kind of aggravating. However, a lot is clicking and it is well worth the time and effort. There are still seven more days to keep chipping away at the speaking problems.

The apartment hunting is going slow. There are not too many on the market that fit all my criteris (and yes, you better believe I am being picky about this apartment). The one I tried to get last week still has not been officially given to me or anyone else but that's another story. It may still come through but if not I am not sure what I will do. The main alternative is a huge area of development near Schloss Nymphemburg where DB has sold a big tract of land and it is being developed at a furious pace. Lots of brand new apartments coming on the market but I have mixed feelings about being in a newly developed area. The only other option is to wait as random single apartments are coming available and see if I get lucky. Demand and supply are not in my favor though. Time is running out on the apartment in Cologne so I will need to at least find a temporary solution by end of April.

As far as work goes, I know two options are being discussed for getting me back into reality but I am staying out of it. It's fitting that it's April Fool's day today as one option involves going back to the project I had left in Zurich and the other involves going to another project in Cologne. Ahhh life. To be honest I have lost any interest whatsoever in going back on the road. Life is developing here just fine...

Each day I learn more German and more about the different areas of the city. The ladies I had so much fun with last weekend are ready for another gathering on Saturday and have invited me to join in the group. Time will tell but I think I am lucky I found them. I even went out for a dinner date (*gasp*) last night. It's about time to brush myself off and get back out there so when asked I figured, why not?

Oh, and I found a really nice Canadian dentist in Munich who fixed my broken tooth yesterday and who has a hygenist who will clean my teeth in a couple of weeks. Finally!! I don't care how fluent I ever become; I always want English speaking doctors!

Posted from Munich


aimee said...

isn't it lovely when things start falling into place...confirms what you already thought. glad you're enjoying the class and found an english speaking dentist. one of the guys in my class in italy ended up in the hospital and was prescribed a medication he was allergic to because of language issues. ack!

Michelle said...

Thanks Aimee :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Good to read that things are getting back on track for you. I hope you get lucky with the appartment hunt.

Expat Traveler said...

I'm very happy with your report. It all sounds so positive to me. Just keep up those vibes and I'm sure great things are to come!

Michelle said...

Thanks CS and ET, cross your fingers things keep heading in the right direction!

The Big Finn said...

You're going to be fine!

With regard to the speaking German thing: Let go of the fear!