Alive and Well

But my laptop isn't. I've been more or less offline for the last days/weeks while my laptop has come to a sputtering stop. Last week it was resusciated only to fall back into a coma from which it never recovered. We cut the life support last Thursday and bade it farewell as it moved on to laptop heaven. Today I will pick up a new one and hopefully can get back to posting once in awhile. However, I am staying in a temporary apartment as the apartment search lingers on and on and I don't have internet there so will probably still be somewhat limited.

I actually don't mind at all the limited computer time. With work being so slow and not wasting hours goofing around on the internet I have been getting out, getting to know Munich and making a lot of new friends here. For me this is a real treat as normally my life is completely centered around work, airports, stress and only being able to maintain the bare minimum of contact with friends and family, while barely managing to keep all the chores and admin under control.

Last Thursday I made a mad dash to Cologne, packed up the apartment in one night and got back on Friday evening. Other than that I have been firmly planted in Munich for a whole month, the longest I have been in one spot since moving to Europe and am loving it! Just in time for spring weather, beer gardens and more photo opportunities than I know what to do with!

Posted from Munich


Expat Traveler said...

Oh the last paragraph sounds so good! I'm super excited about my 9 days in California coming up :)

Hope the new laptop does ok. I'm in the same boat for my tiny camera and missing it soooooooo much!

Glad you are out meeting new people! I'd love to come and join you. :)

CanadianSwiss said...

Bless it's little laptop soul. Amen ;-)

Happy to hear that you're enjoying life in Munich and making new friends. Jobs can be exciting, but so can staying put for a while. Keep it up. You're doing just fine :)

Yelli said...

I was dying when my Internet went out for a few days. However, just like you said, I actually started to get out more, read a book, and even get other little tasks done! (I even had a to read a German cookbook because all of my recipes are stored online!)

Now, I am wishing my Internet would go out more often! :)

Good luck..