That Rotten Language

Here we go again.

My one week in Munich for apartment searching just turned into three.

My boss gave me the green light to go for 2 weeks of intensive German class starting March 30 since things are kind of slow at work. I was planning to do this later in the summer but moved it up while I have the time. The classes are in Munich, full days plus cultural activities (I am curious about the part that says 'discos' - teehee).

After the two weeks I will start Saturday classes. I have been avoiding that as much as possible but for the near future I have no big weekend plans so might as well go for it. Another colleague convinced me to do it since that is what he did a few years ago when he couldn't make it work during the week either. After he had been in Germany for a few years and still hadn't made any progress he sucked it up. And so will I. (Haha - yes, we have all heard this before, but please humor me).

So let's see:
Apartment viewings lined up. Check.
Hair appointment to repair the rat's nest scheduled. Check.
Girls night out planned. Check.
Visits with random Munich-based expats foreseen. Check.
Camera packed. Check.

I'd say I am ready to hop on the plane tomorrow!

Posted from Köln


Mandi said...

Oh, those intensive courses are the best! It's amazing how much more you learn when you're totally immersed in the learning process. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're taking the Goethe class, am I right? I liked the classes I took there. I didn't participate in the cultural activities, though.

ian in hamburg said...

I'd love a refresher course in German. Hope your classmates are fun.

J said...

I loved my German lessons mostly because I met a lot of interesting people from around the world in them.

Michelle said...

I am really looking forward to this. Yes, I am taking the Goethe class. I took my first German class in 2005 with them in DC and thought they were really good. I also look forward to meeting the others in the class, J. It's always fun to see how life brought us together for this time.