Halloween Surprise

Last week I finally made my first (and possibly last) trip to NY for my current project. I decided after all the discussion back and forth about going or not and when that I would just sneak over to the good ole US without mentioning anything to my parents. Yes, a surprise visit sounded like a lot of fun.

I left Jersey around 4 on Friday and after the long and tedious trip up the Merritt Parkway, I arrived at my parents around 7 PM. Just in time for all the kiddies to be in full trick-or-treat swing.

My mom loves Halloween so I knew she would be home, with the pumpkins lit on the porch and a bucket of candy for the kids. I also knew Dad wasn't going away for his annual fishing trip until next weekend so the stage was set.


I snuck across the porch, rang the doorbell and waited...

When Mom opened the door I yelled Trick or Treat. It took a couple of seconds for her to register who was on the porch and the yelling began! Well, needless to say, they were happy to see their daughter, who until 5 minutes before they thought was in Zurich.

We had a nice weekend together, visting Mom's new stables, eating blueberry pancakes
at Diane's, laughing at Fat Randy and just hanging out.

I like good surprises.

P.S. Wow! I still get shocked how big the American grocery stores are. The cereal aisle - it goes on for MILES - wow wow.

Posted from Zürich


vailian said...

What a great surprise, good for you!

J said...


aimee said...

what a wonderful surprise!!! i wish you had a picture of your mom's face when she realized her daughter was on her front porch. hope you've enjoyed the visit.

why possibly the last visit to NY?

Michelle said...

I thought about making a video of her but not sure she would like that :-/

Most likely I will roll off the project in the next 3 weeks so its back to the drawing board.

Diane Mandy said...

Awww! WHat a wonderful surprise! I wish I could pull something like that off, but I am terrible at keeping a secret.

Expat Traveler said...

Those are great pics, especially the 1st one!