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So I have been back at it again with German. At work I am nearly surrounded by Germans and outside of work, well, I am surrounded by the language (nevermind Swiss German for now - or forever as far as I am concerned). I have had a few really tough situations in the recent weeks where I had to really find my own way through whatever German I could muster and near tears and I am realizing I can't make it all alone in English here.

I may be hopeless with German but I am still determined to keep trying. Out in public I force myself to speak only German and at work I have started to speak with some of the people I trust not to laugh. They don't laugh but, even worse, they are telling me my German is so cute. That's not professional! But it is kind of fun to be the one with the cool (or cute) foreign accent.

A few weeks ago I found the Deutsche Welle site. They have online German lessons, news of Germany in English and slow German and also do podcast lessons and news. I have been working on this for about an hour or so each day.

In addition, I still remember the French songs I learned in high school (17+ years ago) and I think there is something about words and music together that helps me learn faster and remember longer. So each Monday, I will pick a new German song to download and learn the lyrics to (suggestions welcome). My poor neighbors - I am sure they are sick of hearing me singing the first one already!

This one is on iTunes for US also. I know it is cheesy but I love it. A few of the lines are a bit fast but I think I can manage it by next Monday.

Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen
Söhne Mannheims

Verse 1 (Naidoo):

Sag mal, hast du das geseh'n?
Wie sie lachten, wie sie geh'n?
Manche Wesen sind so schön,
Innen wie außen - sie verwöhn'n
Deine Sinne und gewöhn'n
Dich wieder an Liebe, die du kennst,
Zu der du immer wieder rennst.
Diese Liebe ist real,
So real wie Höllenqual'n.
Doch Höllenqualen sind egal,
wenn sich die Liebe dir empfahl.

Verse 2 (Klimas):

Doch es ist gut, wie es ist.
Der Mensch lernt nur, wenn er Scheiße frisst,
Sonst reift er nicht.
Er weiß doch nichts.
Ich weiß noch nicht,
Wann verstreicht die Frist?

Chorus (Naidoo, Oac, Klimas, Wehland):

Das hat die Welt noch nicht geseh'n.
Trotzdem ist Liebe wunderschön,
Ist unsichtbar und trotzdem da.
Freude und Leid das ganze Jahr,
Man nimmt das Leben sonst nicht wahr.

Denn mit dem Herz sind wir meist blind.
Wer von uns ist schon wie ein Kind?
Offen für alles wie der Wind,
Der doch dem Meer den Regen bringt,
Er ist so frei und doch gewillt, yeah.

Verse 3 (Wehland):

Gib mir ein' Koffer für mein Herz,
Der ist unendlich viel mehr wert.
Wenn du ihn mitnimmst, wenn du gehst,
Ihn bei dir trägst von früh bis spät,
Ihn dann zurückbringst, unversehrt.

Verse 4 (Oac):

Ich lauf' des Öfteren Gefahr
Zu vergessen wie schön das Leben bisher war.
Mit dir von Anfang an verflochten
Bis ans Ende meiner Zeit.
Wir lieben das Leben und sind dafür bereit.

Bridge (Wehland, Oac):
Denn wir alle werfen Schatten
Auf des Nächsten Licht.
Lass dich nicht zerbrechen
Und fürchte dich nicht
Vor dem, was da kommt,
Vor dem, was du fühlst,
Vor dem, was du liebst.

Chorus 2x (Naidoo, Oac, Wehland, Klimas)

Das hat die Welt noch nicht geseh'n. (Naidoo, Oac, Wehland, Klimas)

Hookline 4x (Marlon B., Naidoo, Oac, Wehland, Klimas):

Love is unseen,
Love is your dream,
But love is no dream,
Love is so real
Even though it's unseen.

(Marlon B.)
Love is the best feeling I ever had.
You and me have to cherish love.
Love keep me warm,
Love keep you warm.
Love is something you have to cherish.
Love of me like a child.

Chorus 2x (Naidoo, Oac, Wehland, Klimas)

Das hat die Welt noch nicht geseh'n...

La la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Posted from Zürich


Harvey Morrell said...

Kettcar and Tomte are two groups whose singers sing clearly and whose music jibes with the one you posted about. I'd stay away from Herbert Grönemeyer - he mumbles alot.

Michelle said...

Hi Harvey - Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out :)

Mandi said...

Hi Michelle, I just ran across your blog on the Expat Women website, and can definitely sympathize with your struggles in speaking and learning German. I've been living in Germany for only a few months and I received some great advice from someone who is a translator by trade: "Talk, talk, talk. Ask to be corrected. Make tons of mistakes--it's the only way to learn. Read books, watch movies and TV, immerse yourself and remember, at some point there will be a magical moment and you'll be over the hump, with a re-wired brain and a command of the language that won't slip away." I haven't exactly reached that magical moment yet, but I'm working on it! Best of luck in your endeavors!

Anonymous said...

My folks are from Germany (Munich) and while I studied German at school and try to speak German with my mother, I am very, very rusty. Needless to say, I also use Deutsche Welle, especially the quick podcasts in German.

One thing you might also try is reading children's books. There is no shame in it; whenever I visit my folks I read whatever German children's books they kept in the house.

I also want to say that I have read your blog for a while and admire your guts in moving to Europe and your recent decision to stay. At one difficult juncture in my life, I ran home and regret it immensely. I think it is great you are trying to make a go of it by yourself in a different place. Good luck. I look forward to reading some more posts.

-Bayern Munich/NY Yankees fan in Minneapolis

Michelle said...

Hi Mandi - Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement. It is a never-ending battle for me.

MN-Yankee fan - You could always come back :) I am really crossing my fingers now that I don't lost my job as that would be the end of Europe for me. There is no other place I want to live right now :(

Betsy said...

Hi! I love the DW podcasts too-- got a lot of use out of them and they were very helpful in getting me up to speed to where I could understand the news on the radio.

I can completely sympathize with your frustration! Learning a language is very humbling, isn't it? Every time I think I've got a handle on German something happens to knock me back down to size!

Do they have a Volkshochschule type program in Switzerland? The pace is great, the material is interesting and you can't beat the price! It's just so much more thorough than Berlitz or other conversational classes!

I like the idea of learning through lyrics! I'll be interested to see what songs you choose!

Ninie said...

i personally like Annett Louisan and Yvonne Catterfeld. other than that i like the Swiss singer, Baschi -- but he sings in Schwiizer Duutsch.

good luck with your German! :)