Fall Bouquet

The temperatures dropped after a rainy day yesterday. It is sunny again but the chill in the air says we won't see too many more warm days. The nights are perfect for burrowing under the blankets and cravings for all the worst comfort foods are back.

My trip to the US has been postponed for at least a week. With the economic volatiliy of recent weeks, the first impacts are being felt in my line of work and we are already tightening the belt. Hopefully I will keep my position on my new project which will keep me employed for the next 14 months but nothing is certain right now. Layoffs started in our company today and people are feeling nervous.

Of course, I can't help but wonder, what if? I had dinner with a colleague from Berlin last night. We had also worked together in Basel the last few years and he is on my new project now. He is an interesting character. He does immensely stressful work and on top of that deals with the worst side of people who are also under too much stress. Yet he still manages to be one of the nicest guys you could meet. I chalk it up to his non-work activities. He spent several years in a monastery, is a yoga instructor, a vegetarian, never drinks and makes frequent trips to India to get away and re-center.

His plan is all laid out should he find himself out of work. He will volunteer for an organization that is opening yoga centers in Eastern Europe until the money runs out or he finds another job.

Me? Well I am not sure. I have been sitting up in my tower a lot, thinking about life, reflecting on this moment. I have grown more doubtful about recent decisions and the path my life is taking. It has been a full life so far; it has also been speeding along way too fast. Now it feels too one-dimensional and out of balance.

Maybe I am just feeling 35 years old looming. Or maybe I am just starting to want different things than I used to.

Posted from Zürich


Anonymous said...

We must ask ourselves what are the possibilities? We are coming in to the Autumn and soon the Winter seasons of life. Like the trees and flowers they all go into resting and during this time they build great strength over the winter months. It is essential we take the time to do the same.

What happens in Spring? The trees, flowers and plants pop-up with great exuberence. As you mature through this cycle over and over you start to realize that life is living you and you have very litte say in it. Live and learn the cycle of life and it will feel natural.

vailian said...

You will --whatever the outcome-- be richer for the experience. You have a positive outlook on things and take wonderful pictures: I am very confident that it will all turn out well.

Michelle said...

Thanks all around Vailian!