Breaking From Basel

The apartment is starting to look unrecognizable. My first home in Europe and the place where I have spent the longest period of time in my adult life is being scrubbed of all traces of me. It's an interesting process, the breaking down of a home. Tucked into drawers and closets are all kinds of memories and it's not unlike an archaeological dig to bring it all up to the surface again.

A small group of us gathered for dinner last night at Trois Roi. With some wine and some toasts, we dug out our memories from the last 3 to 4 years. I am proud of my time here. I grew a lot as a person and I grew a lot in my career. The early volatility of some of the relationships has aged like a fine wine and I can leave here at peace with how things turned out.

I finished my work in Singapore on August 22. From there life took an unexpected twist and M. and I parted ways or are on a break, depending on how it all turns out. I extended my time off to end of September, set up in Singapore with some friends, and started planning some travel around SE Asia. It was an amazing experience, that I will post about. Now I am back in Europe, packing up and sorting out what comes next...

Posted from Basel


Jul said...

Best of luck sorting it all out.

J said...

Very sorry to hear about you and M. I hope whichever way it works out is best for you.

I absolutely hate moving. Are you still moving to Munich?

Expat Traveler said...

Good luck with sorting things out. IT's crazy with all of your photos that you suddenly sprang on. I missed an entire week of crazy/beautiful photos!