Singapore Redux

Clarkes Quay Steamy Evening, June 2008

Singapore is growing on me. I met a nice mall this weekend. With lots of shoes, beautiful, beautiful shoes. I probably have a shoe fetish but have cut back in recent years due to lack of closet space and not loving the styles in Munich. Here the shoes are girly and sexy and, oh, so hard to resist.

There is a lot of energy here. I like sitting outdoors at the big Borders store bistro and reading my new books on a Sunday(!) afternoon and watching the people go by. There is a big screen TV across the street where crowds gather to watch UEFA 08 games while breaking from shopping.

I made friends with the Spanish mafia this weekend - colleagues from our Barcelona office - they are nuts. Don't plan to go to bed before daylight if you spend an evening out with them. Of course they don't get started until after midnight so maybe its not that impressive. We went salsa dancing, then tried out the Ministry of Sound, the 2nd of 3 clubs in Singapore I wanted to check out (Zouk, MOS and St.James Power Station).

On Saturday we barbequed Singapore-style on Saturday night - me and another international couple (French-Polish). Singapore-style BBQ is nice. Fish wrapped in banana leaves, satay, chicken wings, egg rolls, steak and more. It takes quite some effort to get the grill going with all the humidity but it is worth it!

I even had a girls night out last night and we saw Sex in the City and had amazing sushi for dinner beforehand. How long has it been since I've had a real girls night out? Sigh.

I started running again for real too. Every other day to the gym for a 30-60 minute run.

When I just need a break from it all, I can count on a gorgeous tropical downpour with thunder and lightning to snuggle in bed and watch from the hotel high rise.

Sometimes I think I am so travel-fatigued, I barely care where I am anymore. Sometimes, like now, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Posted from Singapore


aimee said...

sounds wonderfully fast paced though the humidity looks beastly.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling well. There are more important priorities than flying into some foreign airport, a diverse group of cultures and the need to always have to be something, somewhere all the time is too much anymore.

Change has a way of pointing you in the direction you need to go. So just go with it and you will find where you are supposed to be.

-Lost in Charlotte

Diane Mandy said...

It sounds lovely!

J said...

Sounds great. There's a Border's there? I'm so jealous!