Day 5

Day 5 on the island. My hair is a frizzle frazzled poof and I have an oil slick on my face. Lunchtime is a choice between rice or noodles, noodles or rice, fruit punch and pineapple. I think I have gained 5 lbs this week alone. Dinners out are absolutely delicious - perfect Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Thai - I can't get enough. Overall, Singapore gets two thumbs up even if I look a disaster.

I went out with a couple of colleagues last night for some lychee martinis. Yum. We went to the Orchard Road/Emerald Hill area and the place was hopping for a Wednesday night. I noticed again the equal mix of Caucasian and Asian - I thought it would be more like when I went to Mumbai and felt I really stuck out as a foreigner. The vibe here is more like what I am used to in the US than what I experience in Switzerland and Germany - people are more loose and relaxed, laughing and playing around - just having fun. We were sitting outside but I could hear from the bar inside the crowd was singing like crazy when ABBA's Dancing Queen was playing. If M. would come here with me I would love to spend a few months traveling around and seeing some more of Asia.

Work has been interesting as well. I have not had a perfectly smooth time as I find the cultural barriers are significant and with one individual who now reports to me I am really struggling to make it work. I can ask many times why that is but I don't know that I will ever truly understand.

The teams from the region are cute - they sit clustered around each table according to country, like little islands. Taiwan seated just behind China, sort of together but still kind of separate. The women from Thailand giggling if you so much as glance at them. The men from Japan are serious and intense, H**-san sometimes drifts off for an afternoon nap. The Singaporeans and Malays move to their own schedule, sometimes where they should be, sometimes not. The Indians are chatty and vibrant, especially the women in their Saris. The Indonesians always look like they would rather be out partying and socializing. The Koreans are full steam ahead in their dedication. And plunked in the middle are the Aussies, their sense of humor in sharp contrast to the rest. It's a bit dysfunctional but an experience I am happy to have.

Tomorrow it is finally the weekend and my colleagues from Europe are planning some club fun, some sight seeing and some R&R. It means I can do some photography too! Can't wait!

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Expat Traveler said...

Michele - that sounds so wonderful. Oh that feels too odd what you are saying bout the weekend already.. ALthough I took a sick day today..

But I'm still curious to know... Which area you love the most? Europe or US? For me, the tastes and lifestyle of Europe calls..

The Big Finn said...


I think Dancing Queen is probably the greatest pop song of all time.

It sounds like you're having a great experience.