New Year's Fireworks

First of all, a Happy Belated New Year to everyone! I've drastically cut back on laptop time for my two weeks holiday but hopped on for a little reading and posting this evening.

I had in mind a post on the differences between German Christmas and American Christmas but it seems now a little dated so maybe next year. And as for New Year's there are only two differences that I am aware of. First, it is called Silvester here which led to quite a bit of confusion on my first year as I thought we were making plans to see one of M.'s friends named Silvester rather than going out for New Years.

The second is the fireworks. In the US there may be some fireworks for New Years but given the cold that makes it undesirable to stand outside on New Years eve in all the places I've ever lived in the US and the association of fireworks with the real firework holiday, the 4th of July, I've never paid them any mind. In Germany and many parts of Europe, everone goes rushing out into the street just before midnight for a champagne toast and everyone and their mother starts setting off fireworks all over the place. Safe, I'm sure but quite spectacular when you see somewhere like Prague or Munich or any other city's magnificent church spires lit up by the glow of fireworks in every direction.

The following are from in front of our apartment building, some set off by us, others by neighbors. You can really see all the smoke!

Video of the action

Posted from Munich

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Uberconsultant said...

Happy New Year! Looks like the Germans really know how to burn down the neighborhood! Great video!