I just checked the schedule and NASN (the North American Sports Network) has the ALCS game 1 on live tonight at 1 AM. WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!

I won't be able to stay up due to pure exhaustion from work (in general) and a few too many rounds or red, red wine last night combined with an early flight home this morning (specifically) but our tv has a hard drive and I can record it. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning!! So nobody spill the beans!

Let's go Red Sox!!

Posted from Munich


lobstah said...

Go Sox--Wish we were back in San Fran and could watch games at 4 or 5 PM. That ruled.

Michelle said...

You're still lucky! Hope the trip was fun - that's a cool city!

C N Heidelberg said...

Damn, I don't think I get that channel. Maybe I'll have to settle for the online play-by-play (while snoozing in the computer chair....).

Go Sox!!!

Anonymous said...

It's torture waiting for the game right now, but I suppose I'm luckier than you: I'm in Massachusetts right now, and plan on watching the entire game.

Here's to you finding good news in the morning--

Go Sox!!

J said...

I had no idea what this post was about until you mentioned the Sox. Hope your team wins.

Michelle said...

Yay Sox! Sabathia looked really dominant in the beginning but couldn't hold it together. Was great watching it this morning and we'll do it again tomorrow.

C, M and J thanks for stopping by and the well wishes from sox and non sox fans alike.