He's Home

M. finally made it back from the States after nearly three weeks. He came bearing gifts - 3 new Yankee candles (Buttercream, Sage and Citrus, and Clean Cotton) - the big jars too. I also got the top five favorite Clinique lipstick colors. Unfortunately, despite my warnings not to buy any more American toiletries, he came back with a big stash. We also now have the latest in food storage containers - screw top disposable/reusable canisters.

This is what we had before M. came home - that is at least a 2 year supply! I am proud of that deodorant stash - maybe I'll start handing them out on the tram in Basel.

I went to the market and got nice salmon and fresh salad ingredients as the dinner I made last weekend was so good but what did he want for his first dinner back? My homemade pasta sauce - penne arrabiata style. I made some homemade focaccia too - recipe courtesy of Allrecipes - delicious!

What I was planning on making (last week's version):

After all that, spooning on the couch and a Weeds marathon care of Amazon.de. Laying my head on a clean white t-shirt with a warm M. inside and listening to his heart beat. Sweetness.

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Expat Traveler said...

holy cow - what a stash! I was wishing to get that much while in California but that never happened!