Vacation Over

Well that's about it folks. It's the last half day of vacation and it's back to Basel tomorrow morning, bright and early. Don't you hate that feeling?

I made my last 'Munich hausfrau' dinner last night. This one was to die for. I bought triangolini stuffed with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil from Dallmayr. After boiling them in water, I sauteed them with butter and fresh sage from the garden. Served with a garden salad with French olive oil and balsamico. Magnifigue!

We made a little party for two with all our favorite music and some gin tonics. Our neighbor and friend, L. stopped down for a little while. He's a graphic designer so I was showing him all my paint samples and ideas for the apartment while M. just rolled his eyes.

This morning we were up bright and early so I could bring M. to the airport. He had an 11 AM flight to Newark and will spend the next two weeks in lovely northern NJ for work. As I drove away I saw him in the rearview doing his curbside checkin and felt an odd pang in my heart. Yes, I miss the German nuisance already. At least I got all kinds of parting advice/nagging on the way to the airport. That should last me a week or so.

Gardening was finished this morning (quietly, since its Sunday). Now I'm in my bikini and going to spend the afternoon laying in the garden, reading Harry Potter, tanning, meditating/sleeping and making my end of vacation resolutions.

Some people make New Years resolutions. I make end of vacation resolutions. Some will have to do with work, some with home & garden, some with living in Munich. All are about taking my end of vacation energy and peace and setting off on the right foot through the remainder of the year.

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