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Changes are looming. I had thought a few weeks ago that the general direction of my career for the next 8 months was more or less defined. I would have my base in Munich with all paperwork finalized. I would continue to work on my current client, perhaps based in Basel, perhaps spending significant time in some other locations in Europe.

In the last week, the plan is moving in a different direction. My work permit seems to have stalled out into the middle of nowhere land between Frankfurt and Munich, both saying the other is the hold up. Based on what I can gather, the normal time is about 2-3 weeks for someone in a comparable situation to me (home country, company, salary, etc). It has now been about 8 weeks, and the soonest they think they might have a decision is a week away.

At work, the opportunity that I was looking at is looking less solid than a few weeks ago. Other options are not plentiful here so there is a very good chance I will be moving on in early November, only two months away. That is a very normal part of my job but timing is everything. I want my work permit straightened out first, this will secure my home base in Munich and then from there I can look for a good opportunity in Europe for the end of the year. There is still a small chance something will work out in Basel but I am not holding my breath. The worst case scenario is a major issue or rejection of the work permit and then things get complicated.

Nothing else to do right now but wait it out. Waiting stinks.

Posted from Basel

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J said...

The first work permit does take a bit longer due to the fact that your job has to be posted with the Arbeitsamt for 4 weeks to see if it can be done by a EU citizen, so hang in there.

Waiting does indeed stink. Hang in there.