More Pie!

I was inspired by recent discussions with SM and postings from Mausi to bake something I definitely don't need to be eating. But yum!

In other cooking adventures this week, I made a very successful chicken green thai curry and tom yum goong soup. I also tried a pork vindaloo with basmati rice and tomato-yogurt salad last night. I was critical but M. loved it!

For M.'s final two nights in Germany, we will have sesame and wasabi coated tuna (tonight) and mushroom raviolis with butter and fresh sage sauce.

Posted from Munich


Schokolade Madchen said...

Your pie looks so pretty! Is it lemon meringue?

christina said...

Awesome! I've never made one of those before.

Michelle said...

Yes, it's lemon meringue pie. Or as the German says, Lemon Cookie. :) Came out very good even if it is not my favorite kind of pie.