Monday in Munich

It's day 4 back in Munich and I am loving it. Being here with no work and no stress is fantastic.

Friday I had a long overdue hair appointment with Klausy. At the end he had some time so he did up my make up too. I got caught up on his gossip and vice versa. I swear everytime I see him though he has at least one new tatoo and one new piercing. He is running out of space!

We went to a birthday party on Saturday night, mostly couples with young children although no children at the party. The house was a bit out from the city in Starnberg near Ammersee. The pouring rain didn't dampen the good time and we took turns poking up the roof of the tent to dump out the rain. There were a few bizarre conversations where I only spoke English and the person I was talking to only spoke German. We got by though.

Sunday was garden day. I gave the whole thing a major overhaul. It wasn't as bad as M. had played it up but it needed some TLC. M. helped with some of the heavy lifting and we moved his beloved bamboo to a new prime location in the yard since it was suffering too much. I started a second blog for my garden adventures and soon to come home improvement projects to keep them from overtaking this blog. It is probably overambitious but I love starting things.

Today I went for my dirndl appointment. I am going to be styling at Oktoberfest! I found an adorable green and pink dirndl, extremely girly, with dark green gingham and pink roses along the top. I can't believe how tight they are though!

I also applied to open a bank account. This was the second trip to the Postbank but at least they took the application this time. I still don't have my official work permit but I brought all my temporary documents and my work contract and they agreed to submit an application. To complete my official business for the day, I got a German translation of my drivers license. This is the first step to getting a German license.

Final stop was to an Asian market I had heard about. I pulled together all kinds of Thai food ingredients for my first ever attempt at Thai cooking. I made coconut chicken soup for lunch. I'd grade it a B. Solid effort but not fantastic. Tomorrow I will go for a full Thai dinner and Wednesday for an Indian dinner. Tonight it is just my homemade pasta sauce. mmmm.

I wish I had more days like this!

Roses are blooming a second time:

Posted from Munich


vailian said...

Oh, you must post some Dirndl pictures! Has to be one of the most durable fashions left, and very flattering!

EuroTrippen said...

Sheesh! I'm exhausted just from reading what you do in your down time...