Our company is holding M. hostage in New Jersey. I got a call on Wednesday night as I was half reading Harry Potter, half sleeping, where M. informed me that they wanted him to stay another week. And what should he do?

As much as I would love to have him home, I'm supportive and he is there. But he better get home next weekend or they are all in trouble!

I think it will be a quiet weekend. I'm getting ready to start a German baking experiment so we will see how that goes. I have a movie and some TV shows to watch. The garden needs work as always. There is a pile of laundry and some cleaning to do. And of course Harry - continuing my summer of Harry - I am on book 5 and started book one in the beginning of the summer. I also have some Oktoberfest extravaganza preparation to do - just a few more weeks away.

So, actually, that doesn't sound like such a quiet weekend. That hasn't even accounted for the spontaneous stuff I like to do.

Posted from Munich

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