Made my way past NYC again today, heading for the PHL airport. Arrived exactly on time (5.5 hours drive) only to find out we are delayed at least 2 hours. Damn you PHL! At least I am comfy in the lounge with snacks and beverages and internet.

I think if I ever end up owning a home, it will look like a combination airport lounge/hotel suite. It is the only interior decorating I have exposure to, with the exception of 'office'. I actually think the Basel Star Alliance lounge looks pretty cool. Airport chic. Ha.

If and when I get home tomorrow I have a week and a half to live in Munich before returning to the weekend rotation. I have a few ideas what I will be doing. Apparently our garden has decided to self destruct and needs some serious TLC. I want to finally try some Indian cooking before the cookbook I bought last fall gathers too much more dust. For M. I will try to do some Thai as well. I want to plan out the Oktoberfest party that has ballooned into needing at least some partial catering - our butcher to the rescue again! Dirndl shopping is on the list. I also would like to try to meet some people outside of M.'s friends and plan to attend a couple of the Toytown events while I am home. Finally, if any of the Munich area bloggers (no serial killers please) would like to meet up for lunch or whatever - drop me an email - would be fun to get to know some of you.

On that note, the location of the Third Annual Whiney Expat Meetup has been decided. Dresden it is! I will be attending if the date works out - sounds like a good time and I am curious about Dresden as well.

I am slowly being surrounded by German again. I guess the others on the delayed flight are settling in around me. I even think I still remember some after being away almost a month. Time for a little eavesdropping...

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J said...

Thanks for the post about the Meet-Up. It looks like the dates might work out for you.